13 new Dictionary of New Zealand Biography entries

Christine Cole-Catley, Maurice Shadbolt, Howard Morrison and Shirley Smith, some of the people whose life stories
have just been published on the DNZB.

This week we add 13 new biographies to the Dictionary of New Zealand Biography (DNZB):

Adams, Jacqueline Nancy Mary (Nancy) botanist, artist, museum curator

Allen, Frederick Richard All Black, captain, coach; clothing manufacturer

Andersen, Gordon Harold (Bill) trade unionist

Biggs, Bruce Grandison Ngāti Maniapoto; ethnographer, linguist, champion of te reo Māori

Clark, Thomas Edwin industrialist

Cole-Catley, Christine McKelvie writer, publisher, educator, activist

Fisher, Gurshon (Gus) fashion entrepreneur

Laking, George Robert diplomat, departmental head, ombudsman

Morrison, Howard Leslie Te Arawa; singer, entertainer, community leader

Nobilo, Nikola winemaker

Salmon, John Tenison ethnographer, entomologist, conservationist, author

Shadbolt, Maurice Francis Richard author, journalist, playwright, film-maker

Smith, Shirley Hilda Stanley lawyer, human-rights campaigner

In September 2018 we relaunched the DNZB after a seven-year hiatus with 25 biographies of trail-blazing women, celebrating the 125th anniversary of women winning the right to vote. This new group marks the first round of our new annual publishing programme; we are aiming to publish a minimum of 20 new entries each year on an ongoing basis.

The DNZB’s original print publishing programme concluded with the publication of volume five in 2000, which covered people who first made their mark between 1941 and 1960. The DNZB’s selection policy excluded anyone still living at that time, so this year we will publish online biographies of prominent people from a variety of fields who have died since the print series’ cut-off year, 1999.

This new selection runs to more than 27,000 words and more than 60 new photographs, videos, and sound recordings. The authors include subject experts such as Chris Bourke, Terry Dunleavy, Sarah Gaitanos, Kate Hannah, Cybele Locke, Margaret McClure, Ian McGibbon, Andrew Pawley, Claire Regnault and Philip Temple.

The next group of entries is scheduled for publication in October 2019. Translations of entries about Māori subjects into te reo Māori are in the pipeline.

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