The joys of Christmas shopping

Christmas shopping, 1956 (click for image credit)

Christmas shopping, 1956 (click for image credit)

I am not exactly the Christmas grinch, but there is something I always despise this time of year.  It is not the decorations up earlier every year, the overboard advertisements everywhere or the countless amounts of junk mail – but Christmas shopping.

This year, much like every other year, I resolved to do my shopping early so that I didn’t have to deal with the masses of people.  I partially succeeded, if early means early December. I always know what I want and where to get it from prior to going, to make the trip short and sweet.

However, for another reason, I made the very rookie mistake of going to a mall two weeks before Christmas and there was nothing leisurely about it. The mall was so full it resembled a mosh pit.

I’m pleased to say I escaped unscathed with my few boxes of chocolates.

In the future you would think I would do online shopping and get my presents delivered to my front door to avoid the crowds – but secretly, I like the immediate gratification and sense of achievement I feel from physically shopping.

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