Te Ara’s Flickr photostream celebrates its 10,000th

Earlier today Te Ara’s Flickr photostream received its 10,000th view. That’s something we’re quite proud of, because all the images in this photostream have been contributed by Te Ara staff members.

Huxley Forks Hut, one of Te Ara's popular Flickr photos

Huxley Forks Hut, one of Te Ara's popular Flickr photos

Often these are the photos taken by staff when they are out and about researching Te Ara’s Places entries. Sometimes they are photos we resourcers take in-house of objects and, particularly, food. We also pop up photos of our Te Ara Places and theme launches.

Currently, we have 475 images in our photostream. Of course, some of these images are more popular than others. Our most clicked image is this one: Carvings in the Square, Palmerston North, which has been viewed 395 times. One of the reasons for its popularity is because it’s linked up to a Wikipedia page on Rangitāne.

Other popular images include signs and bus shelters and this gorgeous photo of Lake Pukaki. The Tui brewery at Mangatainoka is always popular, as is inside the ladies’ loos at Kawakawa.

Last year, Emily Tutaki, one of our resourcers, travelled to Greece and the UK, and uploaded photos of places of significance to her family to our photostream. Her images of Monte Cassino and Hinemihi are also in our top 25 most viewed.

This unusual view of Te Ara's offices, featuring The Joker, was taken for photography class homework

This unusual view of Te Ara's offices, featuring The Joker and taken as homework for photography class, has found fans on Flickr

We had a flurry of interest in our photos of Dunedin student flats when we added them to the Dunedin (NZ) Student Flats group pool, which is preserving the history of these fine institutions.

As well as our photostream, Te Ara also invites photos from other Flickr members to our group. In each of our Places entries we include an exhibition of the magnificent images contributed by Flickr members. We’re currently working on the Marlborough entry, and would love to see your photos of the area. After Marlborough, we’ll be working on the East Coast and, later, King Country.

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