Te Ara’s new-and-improved homepage

New homepage

Te Ara's new homepage

We’ve just launched the new Te Ara homepage, and we’re very proud.

Heath, our lead designer, blogged recently about our new homepage and other improvements you can expect on Te Ara this year. But now that it’s live, let’s have a wee tour.

The first thing you’ll notice – apart from how much more attractive it is – is the bigger, better featured-entry slideshow at the top. You’ll also notice that the page is much less brown.

Perhaps the biggest change is that the ‘Browse Te Ara’ Flash tool (we just call it our ‘browser’) isn’t immediately obvious. But it isn’t gone – just click the ‘Browse Te Ara’ button (right below the featured image, and next to the search box), and the ‘browser’ jauntily slides down. From here you can browse Te Ara’s entries by A–Z, by theme or by topic, and also you can browse ‘Your stories’ (stories contributed by members of the community) and entries that are translated into Te Reo Māori. Even better, the browser button is available at the top of every page of Te Ara.

You’ll also notice some new things down the side of the homepage:

  • a new improved ‘Don’t miss’, where we feature one of our favourite resources (photos, videos, interactives, sound files and more)
  • ways to contribute a story or subscribe to our newsletter
  • a snippet of our latest blog post
  • a slideshow of interesting things (this currently includes our most popular resource: Mr Blobfish).

Back in the main part of the homepage, you’ll find the ‘What’s inside…’ section, which shows the themes we already have in Te Ara. If you’re a frequent Te Ara user, this will be very familiar to you, and is a major way that people navigate through the encyclopedia. Below that you’ll find featured links from our sister sites NZLive.com and NZHistory.net.

And probably my favourite thing about our new homepage (apart from the lack of brown) is the thumbnails of photos that have been recently added to our Te Ara Flickr pool – a sneak peek at the photographic riches you’ll find there.

I hope you’ll love it as much as we do.

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  1. Comment made by Paul Reynolds || January 26th, 2010

    Lovely – very nice look and much better use of the real estate to let people see whats going on.
    Like the notion of your search thingie ‘jauntily’ sliding down.
    I could also see its utility but it was always such a pushy – in your face – little bugger and I hated the way it took up so much of the real estate.

  2. Comment made by Adrew Hillel || January 28th, 2010

    Much better. I particularly like the slideshow at the top

  3. Comment made by infinite marketing || February 2nd, 2010

    Great new look website! Well done. I love all the images!

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