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The popular blobfish

The popular blobfish

Well, we wouldn’t say that we’ve ‘joined’ Wikipedia exactly. ‘Nestled alongside’ is a more apt description of what we’re planning.

The blobfish article in Wikipedia, which links back to an image of a blobfish in Te Ara’s entry on deep sea creatures, got us thinking. As interesting as blobfish are, there are so many other entries in Te Ara that could add value to Wikipedia entries.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be adding links on appropriate Wikipedia articles to relevant entries on Te Ara. We acknowledge and thank the Wikipedia community for letting us do this. Our aim is to enrich New Zealand content on Wikipedia. While Wikipedia beats us on sheer number of contributors, Te Ara’s strength lies in our ability to tell a cohesive, well-researched, well-written and informative story about New Zealand and its people, natural environment, history and culture.

Te Ara’s entry on Tītī and muttonbirding, for example, adds depth to the Wikipedia articles on the sooty shearwater and muttonbirding. It traces the history of muttonbirding in New Zealand, and explains the harvesting and processing of tītī. We even include a wonderful personal story from a woman who used to go out muttonbirding as a child with her family.

Our entry on Ranginui – the sky father is another great example of where our story goes beyond that told in Wikipedia’s entry on Rangi and Papa. Both entries tell of the parting of Rangi and Papa, but the Te Ara entry also tells of Ranginui’s role as knowledge and life, describes similar father figures in Polynesian mythology, and explains the role of Ranginui in creating the celestial bodies.

So the next time you are looking at a New Zealand Wikipedia article, check out the external links at the bottom. You might just get more of the story.

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  1. Comment made by R || August 5th, 2008

    what a fish! i’ve never seen such a thing !

  2. Comment made by Jayne || August 5th, 2008

    There’s very little in the way of NZ history on Wikipedia, in detail, so I look forward to reading the broadened articles 🙂

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