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Te Ara Hiko, March 2008

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Te Ara meets Web 2.0

Te Ara invites your contributions

Te Ara invites your contributions

Te Ara wants you!

So that more of you can help us build Te Ara, we’ve added three new features: a blog, a Flickr group and ‘your stories‘.

Recently, there has been some public discussion about whether, as the internet becomes more interactive, Te Ara is an old-fashioned beast because it isn’t a user-generated site like Wikipedia or Flickr. We make no apologies for the fact that we commission entries from experts in their fields, nor that we search the archives of the country for the most appropriate images and film clips we can find, because the end results are full, accurate and richly resourced. Not to diminish the tremendous resource that Wikipedia is, but you will see the difference if you compare, for example, Te Ara’s entries on Ngāti Porou or Moa with the Ngāti Porou and Moa entries in Wikipedia.

But we do recognise the importance of encouraging users to interact with Te Ara and help build it. Right from the beginning Te Ara went out to the community and invited people to send in stories on particular subjects. You’ll find some great contributions in the entries on The voyage out and Beachcombing, for example.

And now we want to encourage even more people to contribute to Te Ara through our new features.

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