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Early in the year I declared 2009 was to be my year of travel and, true to my word, it has been so far. I have just returned from a fantastic five-week holiday that led me to wonderful destinations.

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  1. Comment made by bk || November 4th, 2009

    You’ve outdone yourself this time Julia. Great Quiz. The Question where you asked whether anyone could be more quintessentially English than the Queen reminded me of a great quote from Blackadder on the subject:

    ****SPOILER ALERT****

    [Blackadder is interrogating Captain Darling who is suspected of being a German spy]
    Captain Darling: I’m as British as Queen Victoria!
    Captain Blackadder: So your father’s German, you’re half German, and you married a German!

  2. Comment made by Julia || November 4th, 2009

    Thanks. The quiz was really easy to write when I was drawing from such a nice time away.
    BTW, I saw Prince Philip too. But thought he would’ve thrown the question somewhat…

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