Setting off

Te Ara letting their hair down

Te Ara letting their hair down

So we’re off, down a new pathway, the Te Ara blog. It should be a fun rollicking ride. Different members of the Te Ara team will post their thoughts every few days. We hope that you join in.

Why are we doing it?

  • To give us a more personal voice. An encyclopedia can be a stern task-master. You have to be accurate. You have to be balanced and fair. Authority can be a heavy cloak. Signposts will allow us to let our hair down a bit, and present a rather more shambolic dishevelled look.
  • To signpost things as they happen. We try in Te Ara to present the long view. The entries are meant to be true in 2007, but also to be reasonably accurate in 2011 too. The blog will let us relate Te Ara to the current event. Just last week, for instance, methane-eating bacteria were discovered in Rotorua hot pools – a possible solution to the contribution our burping cows make to global warming. To get some background see our entries on the incredible life in hot springs or the New Zealand dimensions of climate change.
  • To signpost some of the hidden byways of Te Ara. The site now has over 1 million words and about 12,000 images. Even I who have read everything about five times sometimes stumble unexpectedly upon little jewels. We’d like to share them.
  • Most importantly, to allow you to talk back at us. We want to know what you like about the site and what you do not.

We want to put up flags and see if you like the way they fly. So join the journey and enjoy!

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  1. Comment made by Megan || November 29th, 2007

    Ka pai!

  2. Comment made by Murray Wills || December 4th, 2007

    In August 2007 a team of would-be bloggers sat down to develop Signposts, one of a number of initiatives in the Te Ara portfolio. Steadily the pieces fell into place, as we defined the project and ran WordPress through its paces.

    Before long, Signposts was born. A place to comment, talk about Te Ara-related things, and publish calls for help (also Te Ara related, please!).
    The people who brought you Signposts are:
    Jock Phillips, Ross Somerville, Murray Wills, Tessa Copland, Helene Coulson, Megan Huddleston, Dominic Collins, Brian Smith and the team at Shift, Phil Calder, James Robertson and the team at 3, Dawn Cullen-Smith and the team at OneSquared.

    Watch as Signposts informs, develops and grows – and may it be a fitting partner to

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